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Some commonly prescribed medicines, including medicines for mood, sleep and pain, may increase the risk of falls. A Curtin University researcher needs the help of 2 research buddies to support the development and testing of an intervention that can be used by Community Pharmacists when patients present with a prescription for one of these medicines.

About the project/vacancy

It is acknowledged that effective falls prevention require a multidisciplinary, holistic, patient-centred approach. Despite medicine use being one of the major contributing factors of preventable falls, a structured and targeted falls risk assessment and intervention at the time of dispensing a prescription is lacking. Currently, the risk of falls is nearly always only identified after a fall. Curtin researchers believe a structured and targeted falls risk assessment and intervention delivered by community pharmacists would reduce falls.

About the position

Curtin researchers require the assistance of 2 research buddies to inform their project and ensure the tool is appropriate for use in the community.

What am I expected to do?

Curtin researchers would like your input regarding:

  • The design of the intervention
  • Resources including patient information sheets and consent forms
  • The design of the assessment tool ensuring it is appropriate for people visiting a community pharmacy
  • Informing the process of evaluating the assessment tool
  • Support for translation into community pharmacy as core business

What skills or experience do I need?

  • People 75 years and above
  • Living at home
  • If you have been prescribed and are taking a medicine for mood, sleep or pain

How long am I expected to be involved?

The first meeting will take place in early December 2020 to inform a grant application (due in February 2021). The project will continue for 12 months after funding has been provided.

Where will meetings be held?

Meetings will be held at Curtin University’s Bentley Campus but the opportunity to join online will be provided if required.

What support is offered?

An honorarium of $35/hour will be provided. The Consumer and Community Involvement also offers support and training if required.


If you would like to apply for this opportunity please email us or call 08 6151 1071

Applications close: 04 December 2020