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Impact of Cytomegalovirus on infant hearing and ear health

Are you a parent or carer? Has your child experienced hearing loss related to Cytomegalovirus?

A research team at the Perth Children’s Hospital are seeking your input to improve care and health outcomes for children who have Cytomegalovirus-related hearing loss.

About the project/vacancy

Cytomegalovirus, also known as CMV, is a common virus present in all countries and in many adults and children.  The virus is usually passed from person-to-person without their knowledge through close contact, for example in saliva.

Part of the reason for this research project is to better understand CMV and to determine how often it causes problems for babies in WA, and whether early diagnosis improves their health. 

A research study is planned through Perth Children’s Hospital to better understand CMV and to determine how often it causes problems for babies in WA. The researchers will also look at whether early testing of infants with CMV-related hearing loss can improve their health outcomes and the healthcare they receive.

Children with hearing loss who have early treatment do better with speech and language development and have better wellbeing. Diagnosing CMV will help with this, currently there is no system in place in WA health to ensure CMV testing occurs.

Researchers are looking for parents or carers of affected children to contribute advice to the study based on your experience of having a child with CMV- related hearing loss.

About the position

  • Applicants will need to be a parent or carer of a child with hearing loss due to CMV.
  • You will act as a community representative to provide verbal and/or written advice on the research study.

The study offers the chance to help improve the healthcare of future WA families affected by CMV.

What am I expected to do?

As a community representative, you will be expected to:

  • Review documents related to the research study and provide advice on how the study could be improved.
  • Provide feedback about the study design and documents to ensure they are appropriate and easy to understand.
  • Be available for the researchers to contact you during the study period to offer advice, if needed. The study will run for two
    years, and you may be contacted up to 2-3 per year.

The research team will be keen to share the results of the study with you at the end of the study.

What skills or experience do I need?

  • To be a parent or carer of a child with hearing loss due to CMV

How long am I expected to be involved?

One-off participation to provide input. This will include roughly 3 hours to review all documents and provide feedback to the researchers.

This participation will commence as soon as possible, in 2020.

If willing, you may also be contacted a few times a year over the two year duration of the study.

Withdrawal anytime will be respected.

Where will meetings be held?

Via phone, Zoom or at Perth Children’s Hospital

What support is offered?

$35/hour honorarium is offered for your involvement.

Training and general support is provided by the Consumer and Community Involvement Program.

Applications close: 02 October 2020

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